March 2012

Tax Talk, New Job?

Okay, talking taxes is a lot less riveting than my last post on how senior centers are trying to woo boomers (that’s riveting!), but figuring out how to get a tax deduction for taking care of a parent, relative, or in-law is worth it. Do you qualify for a $3700 deduction for caregiving or can you deduct your relatives’ medical expenses?

That is the topic of my weekly blog post for AARP. And, the Wall Street Journal wrote a similar piece the same week. Great venues think alike!

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March 2012

Senior Centers are Wooing Boomers

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I know it’s hard to believe, but you can join a motorcycle riding club, throw pots in a ceramic studio, learn to blog, work out a session with a personal trainer, and have uber fitness facilities at–yup, you read it right–a senior center.

Read about how senior centers are changing to snag a younger demographic in my latest Huffington Post piece.


More news:  a milestone last week in NYC: the opening of the country’s first LGBT senior center called the SAGE Innovative Senior Center. Check out its debut.

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