May 2012

Boomers Welcome New Housing + Technology

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Ever heard of intergenerational cohousing? Does “niche community” ring a bell?

Boomers exploring what’s-next-optiions for themselves or their parents will want to know about two more: pocket neighborhoods and granny pods.

Check out my AARP Bulletin story on pocket neighborhoods.

The idea is to get to live in a place where there is a sense of community. Run the other way, loners!

Take a look at all the great caregiving technology on the market. Do you know of others?

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May 2012

No Kids, Who Cares?

Excuse the flip title,”No Kids, Who Cares?” The question is, who will care for the one out of three folks ages 65+ who live alone when they need help? I know many single, older women who anguish over this question.

Many women never married, or are married without kids. Or, they may have children who live far away or from whom they’re estranged. It’s those adult children, if not a spouse, who usually wind up doing the bulk of the caregiving.

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