Not Your Mother's Retirement (2014) 


Experts on financial planning, work, health, travel, exercise, retirement, volunteering and spirituality give advice. And me? I wrote the housing chapter on options for your 50’s and beyond.


What Every Woman Should Know About Divorce and Custody: How to Keep the Kids, The Cash, and Your Sanity, co-author with Gayle Rosenwald Smith, J.D. (Perigee, 1998, updated 2007)


Table of Contents

  • “If I sleep with my boyfriend, could I lose the kids?”
  • “Should I make a deal—and accept less child support—in order to keep my son?”
  • “Can a vacation without my kids be considered abandonment?”
  • “Will I have a problem keeping custody if I move to another state?”
  • “Will the courts approve of a mother who's involved in a lesbian relationship?”

This insider's guide is filled with crucial advice from judges, lawyers, therapists, and mothers who have gone through this challenging legal process. It covers a wide range of legal strategies as well as financial and psychological issues from how to deal with your emotions, how to choose a lawyer, whether to opt for mediation vs. courtroom trials, to understanding mothers and money.

Reviewed by newspapers and magazines around the country.

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Children In The Crossfire (Atheneum, 1983).

The first complete work on the modern epidemic of child stealing—what happens, why, and what to do about it. For two years, I interviewed stolen children, parental victims, kidnappers, professional child stealers, support groups, and legal, psychological, and social welfare experts. As a direct result of an article I wrote for Ladies' Home Journal, one of the children profiled was reunited with his mother just 12 days after the story was published.

What Senator Paula Hawkins said about the book: “Children in the Crossfire is a comprehensive examination of an increasing national tragedy. Sally Abrahms has dug well below the surface to expose the real consequences of a parent's decision to steal his own child.”

What a New York Times Book Review writer said about it: “...readable, quite sensible, free of jargon and full of useful information.”

Publicity included a national book tour.

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