“Sally, simply put, is a ‘triple threat.’ She has an exhaustive knowledge of her favorite topics, aging and baby boomers. She has great story ideas. And…she’s a pleasure to work with: passionate, smart — and funny. (Takes her work very seriously — but not herself.) I always look forward to teaming up — and hope to do so for many years to come.”

Glenn Ruffenach, News Editor, The Wall Street Journal

“Sally is the consummate pro—fast, organized, thorough—and a talented wordsmith. Once I’ve placed an assignment in Sally’s hands, my worries have ceased.”

Mark Starr, former Boston Bureau Chief, Newsweek Magazine

“Sally is a serious journalist but also a joy. Her passion for the issues and the people she covers is real and it’s apparent in her writing. Her gift for identifying trends that are affecting, and will affect, older audiences is a rarity. She will not hesitate to make a story better, even if it requires additional reporting, and takes editing suggestions with grace. Sally delivers well-researched, well-reported pieces that are a cinch to edit.”

Carol Kaufmann, Acting Executive Editor, the AARP Bulletin

“Sally is one of the most respected and experienced journalists now writing about boomers and aging issues. Her expertise and clear writing make her work shine brightly. For me, her work is a must read.”

Kerry Hannon, author on 50+ careers and finance, writer for the New York Times, AARP, Forbes and PBS’s Next Avenue

“Sally is an intelligent reporter and smooth writer with especially strong knowledge of topics related to retirement and aging. She has a sophisticated understanding of trends in this area and the ability to sift through a great deal of complex information…and then write in an engaging and clear way about whatever topic is at hand. She is very professional and delivers excellent “value” for the freelance dollar.”

Mark Miller, Retirement columnist for Reuters, Morningstar & WealthManagement.com

“Sally has written a number of wonderful stories for me at PARADE. She is always speedy, reliable and terrific at finding real people to augment her research.”

Emily Listfield, Editor at PARADE MAGAZINE

“Sally would be an outstanding asset to any organization looking for a corporate communications expert to clarify and share its messaging about services, products, or innovation initiatives. She clearly understands and is intrigued by her topic and is gifted at enabling the reader to understand and be just as intrigued. Her ability to weave a story that makes the message real to the reader is unparalleled.”

Laurie Orlov, Aging and Technology Industry Analyst

“Sally is a truly talented writer, with the unique ability to understand a company’s business objectives and stick to them while being wonderfully creative within that construct. In addition, she’s a pleasure to work with. Not only is her writing excellent, she’s very professional and engaged, and is always looking to go above and beyond the current project to offer other creative ideas and suggestions. I love working with her, and would recommend her to anyone looking for writing or content creation help.”

Shannon McIntyre Hooper, Director of Corporate Communications, Intel-GE Care Innovations

“Sally is one of the most respected writers and content experts in the mature consumer space. She has immersed herself in the concerns of the aging population and written excellent articles on topics like caregiving, housing and lifestyle, and older workers. Sally’s work is always insightful, thought-provoking and thorough. She is an excellent collaborator and contributor for content-focused projects.”

Lori Bitter, President/Senior Strategist, The Business of Aging

“Sally is among my inner circle of trusted colleagues. She is a highly skilled and experienced writer and a thoughtful, articulate speaker. Sally’s ability to provide a gripping emotional framework rich with pertinent data and facts, underscores her unique style of story telling. I particularly appreciate Sally’s nuanced and insightful portrayal of the complex issues associated with aging and caregiving. I recommend Sally highly and trust she will be a great asset to any organization.

Jody Gastfriend, VP, Senior Care, care.com