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Sally Abrahms

I write for the nation’s top magazines, newspapers and websites. I’m also a content writer and blogger focusing on topics related to boomers (often adult children) and their aging parents.

Need a writer who:

  • Is a nationally recognized expert?
  • Knows the latest trends, studies and resources in the aging industry?
  • Has versatile writing skills (trend and feature stories for the WSJ and TIME, news for Newsweek and The Boston Globe, blogging for Intel-GE’s Care Innovations and AARP, and web content creation for the national Family Caregiver Council)?
  • Is collaborative, fast and, in more than 35 years, has never missed a deadline? 

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Making Smart Homes Smarter With Sensors

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“Sally, simply put, is a ‘triple threat.’ She has an exhaustive knowledge of her favorite topics, aging and baby boomers. She has great story ideas. And…she’s a pleasure to work with: passionate, smart — and funny. (Takes her work very seriously — but not herself.) I always look forward to teaming up — and hope to do so for many years to come.”

- Glenn Ruffenach, News Editor, The Wall Street Journal

In A Word

I’m a baby boomer passionate about the 50+ issues I write about—and know about first-hand. I’m a professional in this field, using experience as a wife, mother of adult children, mother-in-law and grandmother. I’ve been a caregiver to three parents and even a “90 year-old" Springer Spaniel!

Sally Abrahms